In your business time is money

Our goal is to create software that does exactly what you need and is simple to use right out of the box. Too often businesses are forced to purchase expensive software packages that don't really fit thier needs: They are cumbersome to operate and learn, and have thousands of features they will never use. We can build you a solution that you and your staff will feel at home with from day one. It does exactly what you need, no less, and no more!


If you have a dream of streamlining your day to day work, get in touch with us! We'll work with you to turn that idea into reality.

Whether it is replacing an old DOS based application that no longer meets your needs, or building a custom solution from the ground up, our software puts exactly you need to know about your business at your fingertips.

We have delivered solutions ranging from Invoicing, Customer Resource Management to Warranty and Quote trackers. Check the Solutions Showcase for more details.

We specialize in web based software using open source industry standards. The advantages are numerous:

  • •Multi-user: A lot of software was not designed to be used by more than one person at a time, or will trap you into buying a license for each user. This can get expensive! Ours always allows access to unlimited users at the same time. Got a new employee or workstation that needs access? No Problem!
  • •Remote Access: Being web based means there is no need to install anything. You can now access your software from any computer with an internet connection; even a mobile phone!
  • •Scalability: Storing your data in a robust database means its ready to grow with your business needs. Adding new capabilities to your application is painless.


  • Invoicing - Built a system to allow an Automotive Mechanic to easily create, print, and retrieve Invoices. Instantly view custom financial reports.
  • Sales Tracking - Created application to allow salespeople to share and track quotes and communication with potential clients.
  • Warranty Tracking - Allow a furniture store to instantly store and recall warranty claims.
  • Contact Manager Integration - Created a system for an insurance company to automatically import and centralize contacts from a third party application.
  • Modernize existing app - Replaced older DOS based application with web-based one for a hatchery. Now all users have access from any computer.

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at (204) 326-1085 before proceeding.

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